Learning with Memrise


Memrise is a fee-based language-learning app designed with three fundamental principles in mind: neuroscience, community, and fun. The content of the app is divided into study areas (called courses) including history, geography, art, literature, math, science and more. Learners choose a course and the content is delivered in a game-like format for learning, practice, and assessment. Learners can also create groups around common courses.  The course also offers video and audio demonstrations of language so students can hear pronunciations.

Mobile learning is effective for learners of any age and educational level (Park, 2011) and has been proven to improve academic achievement (Elfeky & Masadeh, 2016). I would recommend Memrise to my adult learners as a way to explore additional course content and rehearse critical facts or concepts we covered in class. I would establish a group around topics we are studying in class so that all students can be working on the same content at the same time. For example, we are studying the English terms for physical sciences. All students in the class would sign up for the science lesson I indicate and can study the terms using the Memrise app on their own time. 


Elfeky, A. I. M., & Masadeh, T. S. Y. (2016). The Effect of Mobile Learning on Students’ Achievement and Conversational Skills. International Journal of Higher Education5(3), 20–31. 

Park, Y. (2011). A pedagogical framework for mobile learning: Categorizing educational applications of mobile technologies into four types. International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 12(2), 78–102. 


2 thoughts on “Learning with Memrise

  1. Kat,
    I would use Memrise in my adult education practice based on its user-friendly nature, and the fact that it is a content based app. This would benefit adult learners because of the game-like format (learning is increased when it is presented in a fun and interactive way). Incorporation of this application in my lessons would include finding similar content to what is taught in the curriculum and direct students to collaborate on projects using the extra knowledge gained from the content learned in the app. Students would also be assessed used the tool within this app.



  2. Kathleen,
    I think this app would make a great study tool for students as an extra resource or to refresh older content. The game like set up would help with engagement.
    Thanks for the post,


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