Quiz Me!


To put it simply, Quizlet is an app through which students can study content. However, that simplifies the app unnecessarily. Quizlet is a powerful, customizable tool that supports learning using principles of cognitive science. The app allows students (or teachers) to create their own quizzes, flashcards, games, and diagrams using their own content or shared content. Students can quickly and easily build their own quiz or study aids using the content they are currently studying in class. Or, students can search for a topic among the thousands on the site and find study aids created by others on the same topic. Students can even customize the content created by someone else! One of the strengths of this app is its ability to customize the delivery format to a user’s preference. If students prefer flashcards, the content can be generated into flashcards. If students prefer diagrams, the content can be placed in a diagram.

Quizlet can be used for all ages and all content. For adults, this app could be used in a work-training situation or in a college classroom. One example might be students in a physical therapy program studying the medical terms for body movements.

Photo from: https://braveintheattempt.com/2018/09/11/edtech-updates-2018-quizlet/

3 thoughts on “Quiz Me!

  1. Kat,
    The Quzlet app stands out as a useful tool that I could use in my practice as an adult educator. I would be able to write additional content applicable to the course(s) taught, write tests, create games (with students assistance), post assignments, and publish grades.
    I believe that adult learners could use the app to connect and collaborate on individual and group projects, review course content (learners have different studying styles and the app caters to this), it is mobile friendly – therefore very accessible, students can also practice their writing skills, and students with disabilities can benefit from using this app in their learning experience.

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  2. Kathleen, I really like TED ED and Quizlet, good choices. I use Quizlet more often. The students are familiar with it so posting some quiz questions or matching items are easy for them to access. I use it most for pharmacology drugs. I tell them it is like using index cards before the age of computers, lol.
    Thanks for the post.

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